Physical Therapy Free Transportation in Basking Ridge NJ

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Physical Therapy Free Transportation in Basking Ridge NJ

Physical Therapy Free Transportation in Basking Ridge NJRiverwalk Physical Therapy is a office that offers multiple different services for physical therapy free transportation in Basking Ridge NJ. We offer our patients free transportation from their home to our clinic, and back to their home. We know that ambulances and medical forms of transportation can be expensive so we recently have started offering this new service to give back to our patients. This service can make things easier for our patients that have trouble driving and would have regular delays in physical therapy due to finding a ride. Getting your physical therapy will be easier and more convenient knowing you won’t have to worry about driving with an injury or waiting to heal.

Free Transportation for Physical Therapy in Basking Ridge NJ

Call 908-758-1006 to make an appointment at our office today and mention that you need free transportation for physical therapy in basking ridge nj! After we pick you up for your first visit we will figure out your schedule for therapy. Appointments must be scheduled and made 48 hours in advance. The benefits of us offering you free transportation are: patients will be able to get their care at a sooner time who have difficulty driving, there will not be a delay in your physical therapy, patients will be able to get their therapy as often as they need it since they will not have issues finding transportation, and patients will be able to get to their appointment more safely since they will not need to drive and might potentially cause an injury.

Free Transportation Physical Therapy Basking Ridge NJ

When you need free transportation physical therapy Basking Ridge NJ, come to Riverwalk Physical Therapy! By receiving transportation you are going to be avoiding a delay in physical therapy. By not driving to your appointment when you are recovering you will be getting to your appointment safer and you will be able to start your care sooner.

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Physical Therapy Free Transportation in Basking Ridge NJ

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