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David Kitchen, PT, CPT

David Kitchen, originally from Manchester, United Kingdom, has been residing in the United States since 2017. He is a UK-trained physiotherapist who graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009 and has specialized in outpatient and orthopedic rehabilitation since 2011, incorporating his NASM personal training programs into his rehab and exercise therapy. After becoming licensed, he obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and is excited to continue his physical therapy career in the USA.

David's career in the UK began in the National Health Service, where he gained his initial experience. He soon moved up to Senior Physiotherapist, specializing in outpatients. He continued to progress by incorporating spinal rehabilitation into his profession, working closely with surgeons as an Extended Scope Practitioner for One Health in the UK. His career has provided him with considerable insight into previous injuries patients may have and has enabled him to provide one-on-one hands-on rehabilitation as well as train patients in the best possible way to prevent any further injuries.

David has been interested in health and fitness throughout his life. He used to run track for his school and district and was also captain of his college rugby team. His recent interests include fitness, woodwork, resistance training, mountain biking, kayaking, and generally anything outdoors.

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